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        About Us




        Our vision

        Provide customers with the best dress experience.


        Our mission

        Always make environmental friendly, durable and high quality products. Make everyone who wear our products feel comfortable and relax.


        Our Value

        Customer First- Make customer happy is always our main work.

        Work Hard- Always work hard. The Sloppy workers will eventually be eliminated by the organization.

        Humble- Keep learning and keep innovation, regardless of individuals or team, must be evolve and adapt to market changes.

        Honest- Always be honest to colleagues and customers.

        Teamwork- Fulfill your own duties and help each other.

        Fun- Having fun at work, that’s the only way to do a good job and live a happy life.





        Contact Us

        Add:No.47 Zhuxing Road, Zhuchang, Xieqiao, Haining, Zhejiang, China
        Tel: +86 1585736716 6

        E-mail: sales @ xdlyarns.com