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        Good quality, Obiviously to see, Obviously to feel!


        1. The price is extremely low, with obvious market competitiveness
        2. The quality is very high, great feeling of touch, very soft, and good drapery
        3. The appearance is beautiful and luxury, the color is fashionable
        4. Anti-pilling, color fastness is good
        5. Wide applicability, fit for different needle types, can be washed by machine


        Item: 33% Wool Blended Yarns


        Yarn count:2/65Nm (Yarn number or yarn fineness or linear density: 65m/g each, 2-ply. Applicable needle type: 16 stitches per inch)

        Ingredients: 33% merino wool, 67% others

        Color: 56 colors


        XDL Yarns 33% Wool Blended Yarns Catalog





        Contact Us

        Add:No.47 Zhuxing Road, Zhuchang, Xieqiao, Haining, Zhejiang, China
        Tel: +86 1585736716 6

        E-mail: sales @ xdlyarns.com